If soccer were played with shotguns.

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HyperXBall is a game of soccer. Instead of kicking the ball, you shoot it with a special gun. The arenas are the size of a soccer field but for now played indoors. The game was designed for LAN parties but can be played over the internet as well. Up to 4 players per team are allowed and the host has many options that can be selected for gameplay. Players can get damaged from the projectiles and if you disable another player you spend time in the penalty box. The ball is 10 feet in diameter and is a bit squishy. You shoot it like you would a pool ball. The game comes with 5 single player "Trials" you run for time and score. The Trials help you control the ball so you will do better in tournaments.

Many of you have been asking about the story behind HyperXBall so we decided to tell how it all began.
You can find The story of HyperXBall here.

We will be posting the results of the teams and the player stats soon as the Hyper-X-Ball League gets started.
You can tune in on the progress at American Hyper-X-Ball League

Arena Screen Caps, click on one to enlarge.
Arena List
Field House - Training - An old worn out arena we all use for practice.
Power Bumpers - Bumpers are added to the training arena, they apply an impulse like in pinball and will explode if you shoot them too many times.
Electric Storm- The suppression grid doesn't always work and electric arcs discharge to the floor.
The Fire Pit - A suspension arena in the fire bands. Holes in the floor allow bursts of fire from the bottom and the occasional chunk of meteor falls to the floor.
Power Buttons - Buttons on the floor pop you and the ball into the air. Sometimes the buttons explode like mines.
Total Chaos - All the elements are added to create this dangerous arena. Fire, electric and bumpers combine to create this challenge.

Single Player Trials
Maze - Get the ball through the maze in the fastest time.
Hurdles - The ball has to go over the hurdles to get through the trial.
Warehouse - Goofing off at work the gang decided to make a game of it during lunch.
Gauntlet - This one will frustrate you. Bumpers and ramps hurdles and holes. Ony the best survive this one.
Hoops - Amusement park style where you have to shoot the ball through some rings and over some walls.

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