Simulation: The Colony Scenarios Phase 1

Below are a few high-level scenarios as you enter the game and learn the basic systems required for survival.

Scenario: You are hired by a corporation to do exploratory analysis of a potential site for colony installation. This will be the initial onsite phase: selecting the proper landing area, securing the basic materials and resources necessary to sustain life, and local resources that make colonization a potential profit center.

  • Select the planet and landing area
  • Select the required landing craft elements to establish a base camp installation
  • Add-on any proposed required elements (modules) for exploration, analysis or mining/harvesting

Scenario: You have landed. Now you need to setup a procedural mechanism that brings up and sustains the life support systems of the base landing craft. This includes adequate water supply, oxygen scrubbers and generation, power systems, all preparation for EVA exploration.

  • Run systems and communications checks. Automate maintenance of these services
  • Install CO2 scrubbers. Regularly check status – alerts if failure or maintenance required
  • Additional systems and services as required.
  • Check lifesupport supplies, ensure adequate quantity until sustained sources found.
  • Prepare suit for EVA

Scenario: First EVA. Suit up, check systems. Customize HUD and synch onboard computer with base craft. Set timers to indicate safe life support functions. Step outside.

  • Site survey: look around landing area for proximity sources of water, power, etc.
  • Inspect landing craft for problems, locate and detatch modules.
  • Analyze local air and soils, looking for trace minerals/gasses that can be utilized for life support
  • Look for “low spots” as good targets for water/moisture harvesting
  • Layout locations for additional “buildings” or installations based on information.
  • Pay attention to suit HUD information for dangerous conditions, lifesupport status, etc.
  • Decide priority requirements for service installation: Power supply, Water Source, Bio/Garden Installation, Resource Gathering and Analysis, Mining and Refinement of Resources.

Scenario: First return to base craft, sych computer information with suit and base computer.

  • Check computer for messages, craft system status, checklist of systems maintenance
  • Upload preliminary update to corporation
  • Analyze any preliminary resources gathered
  • Log plan to install solar power systems, extra vehicular

Scenario: Second EVA, power system installation

  • Suit up and exit vehicle.
  • Locate module with power grid system. Follow instructions to install, connect and test system.
  • Return to vehicle, run maintenance tests and check power storage, generation estimates. Determine if additional power is required for additional modules and activities.

Scenario: Locate water. EVA

  • Suit up and exit vehicle.
  • Use charts and visuals to locate likely areas to harvest water or moisture
  • Visit sites and sample local soil and minerals to test for water sources
  • Identify most likely source. Check suit HUD for status, return to base ship if necessary.
  • Locate and detach moisture harvest module and storage facility.
  • Transport module and storage to site, begin installation
  • Carefully monitor lifesupport HUD for danger
  • Finish installation, noting rate of harvest and estimates on quantity
  • Return to ship
  • Run estimates in computer to determine need to new installation or additional water supply for needs.
  • Send log update to corporation, check for messages

Scenario: Locate specific mineral or gas resources

  • Suit up and exit vehicle
  • Use charts and visuals to locate likely sources, particularly vents or areas of color difference in soils, surface rocks
  • Use rover to do soil and ground penetrating radar analysis to determine optimal site.
  • Carefully monitor suit HUD for danger – return to ship if required.
  • GPS tag all samples and sites
  • Return to ship, detach mineral or gas harvester module and storage
  • Transport module and storage to most likely location.
  • Begin deep drilling to target resource… (wait for feedback at ship), facilitate drill extensions if required.
  • Analyze core samples at intervals through the process
  • Remove drill at successful destination, install well head assembly if required.
  • Return to ship, synch computers and report to corp

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