Status Report and Countdown to release…

Hi friends,

We have been a bit bogged down in details, trying to sew up a demonstration version of Colony ETS. Without giving away the surprise, mission control has changed our target landing site just a little bit… and the results should be fairly exciting. Look for an update in the next few weeks, and a possible announcement.

To that end, we are going through our preliminary launch checklist and stepping through things necessary to make the mechanical simulation and systems all work… some of it is a bit touch and go as Howard has bought some cheap aftermarket fittings that just don’t fit properly… let’s hope they don’t break at a critical moment and leave some poor explorer stranded out on… well in space, all alone, with just broken lander. No dogs allowed BTW.

Features up and running so far:

  • A working environment and planetary system with weather and resource gathering simulations
  • Lander power grid and life support systems
  • A biological model to grow a space garden, as well as support life (oxygen generation, CO2 removal)
  • A computer system to tract status and determine tasks
  • A task based scenario model to help direct activities and survival
  • Basic art assets to support the above…

Again, in the next few weeks, we should have some additional screenshots and hopefully, an announcement of the Countdown to Launch…

One thought on “Status Report and Countdown to release…

  1. Steven

    I am interested in the release of this simulation, and hope that you will remember me. I have been looking for this kind of program ever since the old Sierra OUTPOST 1.5. When they went into the warfare stage and changed their scheme, they lost me. So I am looking forward to more information on this project and simulation. Steven

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