The release is coming… I promise…

I know, I know… this is the time of year empty promises fly from the mouths of our exalted elected officials attempting to maintain their hold on their offices. Howard is still busy working out bugs and few features to ensure that a beta or alpha release can happen soon. There are a few key things holding it back right now – but he is close. I will leave it to him to make an announcement. I will be working on a couple of more scenario stories to help give you a flavor of what the simulator is like.

My name Kraniel, and I approve this message.

One thought on “The release is coming… I promise…

  1. Steven

    I am anxious for any kind of Colonization/Terraforming simulations for the PC platform, and am watching for something that has no warring involved. At least until becomming familiar with the game for quite sometime. If there is anything like this, I would really like to know of it’s existence. I do not have internet access, other than dial up, and currently use our local libraryies free wireless. So I guess I might be limited, but still would like to know what is available. I really am a science, planetary studies kind of guy. And used to spend hours with Outpost 1.5, but was bummed when I was at the point of being able to completely terraform, and perhaps get my colonists above ground to enjoy an actual solar day. Please respond if you can, I’d be interested in any gaming that would be available, or to watch for. Thank you for your time reading this comment. Steven

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