Where are the new posts?

This site still gets a lot of traffic, despite a calendar quarter of lack of fresh posts.

Here’s why… there are a couple of “big” things happening. Those of you that are actively testing each week with Hyper in the Mars Colony Online alpha are aware, but for the rest…

MCO has been ported to a new and more capable engine. This gives the engineers and artists many more tools to make the environment much more immersive and leverage Shader technology in modern graphics cards. The result is considerable hand work in porting core logic and rendering systems into the new engine. The good news is that the bulk of the work is completed, and the team is back on mechanics and fixing minor bugs as they pop up.

Secondly, MCO is beginning to mature to the point that actual plans for release are forming. So for all of you Mars simulation fans… stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Where are the new posts?

  1. thedubman

    Can confirm that! MCO development is moving very fast and is looking amazing with new engine.. Its come a long way from having one cold HAB, a couple of water contaniers and only proccesed algae to eat.. Keep up the great work Hyperkat games..

    -the dubman, MCO tester

    1. MCP uses a proprietary server system. You should join the forums and participate. It will be possible to host your own Colony or play on Hyperkat’s servers.

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