It’s Orange…

Welcome to the new template. Yes it is orange. Mars is orange, at least through a telescope.

Mars Colony is proceeding well. I heard from Hyper that the weekend testing was incredibly successful. He continues to focus on alpha testing and has stomped out most of the major snafus that our illustrious and “well paid” testing team have unrolled. Ok, well paid in process food stuffs and Mars dust. They have been incredibly generous with information, ideas and some pretty crazy edge case scenarios. Seriously? Who drills on the roof of a habitation unit?

The screenshot in the header graphic is the latest incarnation of the habitation units, branching into various facilities, and cast with the sunset.

We are always looking for new testers, so please feel free to join us in the forum. There are several tests a week, some directed, and some more open format. There is a bit of a learning curve, but some quicky tutorial information has been put together through the dedication of our great testers. Also – there are some great proposals and ideas, get out your abacus and discuss.

Tug on the suit and jump into the challenge!

2 thoughts on “It’s Orange…

  1. Mike (outzoner)

    ….i was standing on the roof, done my first job- i cleaned the solarpanels- and the sun was rising.
    I never thoughed i would enjoy a simulated sunrise…

    i am a part of the tester team…. i am always surprised how gentle people can be…. the people a spread all over the world- but they act like friends.
    this is the part, i love most!!! great project!!!

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