Howard Dortch

With extensive experience in game development (engine programming and optimization to game design), Howard Dortch is CEO of Hyperkat Games, an independent game development house. Current projects include a “Rover” simulation, deployed as part of a Space Camp program in Scotland, also released as a demo, and “Colony” that seeks to expand the Rover theme into a persistent space colony/pioneer simulation. Howard continues to be an avid MMORPG fan.

Howard currently teaches Game Design and programming at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio

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  1. Dear reader,

    My name is Patrick Jaecques and editor of a Dutch astronomy and space science magazine called ‘Guidestar’. I am looking for ages now for a good sim about space exploration and would realy like to write an article about your products. Is this possible ? Is there a press sheet I could use ?

    On a personal note. I am interested to sell your sims when they come out for my science shop in Belgium. So please keep me up-to-date !

  2. Cason

    Mr. Dortch,

    As mentioned in forum, is it possible to run Mars Colony Challenger using nVidia Dedicated Graphics Card? I have a laptop with nVidia Optimus Tech but when running your game, there is no option to select the nVidia graphic card. I tried to force-run it but that didn’t help. Anyway, I am waiting for your response before making the purchase. If you need more info., please contact me through email.

      1. Cason

        Yes, I am running the demo and there is no way to force-running the game with my dedicated graphics card. As of the moment, the game only detects iCore 5’s embedded Intel graphics chip. It is laggy and unplayable. Please provide a fix for my nVidia Optimus laptop as I would love to buy this game. Thanks. Mars Colony Simulation works great, though!

  3. Not much I can do about your hardware. Laptops have some limitations. Update drivers, dont run other programs, run in window mode. I cant redesign an entire game engine around a single graphics card. If you can run DXDiag.exe it might help you find any issues.

    1. Cason

      But on the older Mars Colony Simulation demo, I can force-run (in fact, it auto-detected my dedicated graphic card) with my dedicated graphics card. It has nothing to do with updating drivers, and definitely not about limitations. What does running other programs has anything to do with this? But anyway, you don’t seem to understand or try to understand my problem then ranted on unrelated stuff like I am a moron. A simple “I don’t have time to look into this issue.” would suffice. Thank you for the reply. Ciao.

  4. I dont intend to offend you. The other version was done with OpenGL this version was done using DirectX. Without having the computer here to test I can’t possibly tell you what is wrong and I can’t go out and buy a computer just for this purpose. Other than the suggestions I listed I can’t offer much help. Try to run it in 800×600 mode to see if that helps any. I have clients in Scotland with that same issue and that is how they resolved it.
    Are you a member of the forums? Perhaps they can offer some suggestions.

  5. Max

    Hey guys, have a problem and can’t seem to get support for it. I have Colony Challenger and really like it, however I went to try and play it the other day on Steam and I get a missing executable error now when I try to load it. I have gotten zero support from Steam and they just refer me to you guys. The problem is also the fact that all of the links they give to fix the problem, all come up as “404 Page Cannot Be Found” errors. I would really like to play this game again, but I am starting to lose my cool over this problem. If you guys could help it would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for making a really cool game.

  6. Darren Price

    Hey Skip, Darren Price. It’s been a long time. I see Scud Buster is still around. It has evolved quite a bit from when we first brainstormed this back in the Amiga days. I hope all is well.



  7. Alexander

    How do you simply play multiplayer with a friend? IPs do not work. Yes they are forwarded. Lan did not work and we also tried installing hamachi.

  8. Tino

    Hello, do you happen to still have a copy of the Mars Colony ETS Demo you released back in 2009? I loved playing that back when I was younger, and I’d love to play it again to relive the nostalgia.

    Thank you.

  9. Hello Howard!
    I have ordered both Mars Challenger and Colony Frontier in the past but misplaced them so am ordering again.
    Considering using them for a possible class unit or summer camp. How may I order a NON-STEAM copy of Mars Colony Frontier?
    Scott Jacobson

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