Colony ETS – the simulation engine

Colony ETS is the simulation edition of the technology under development by HyperKat Games. This application is designed to be a game front end tool set for educational and scientific analysis of exploration and colony scenarios in space.

The simulation system can include:

  • Scenario Editor: Setup parameters for colonization and specify complexity and test these scenarios in a user driven environment. This methodology brings into play the difficulty of machine to human translation of key information and activity, often lost through scripted artificial intelligence. Analysis can include user interface and automation principles to tweak fast learning skills, and refine focus on specific activities.
  • Server/Client and Hybrid Server/Client Models: Very flexible mechanism that can allow private use of server and client installations or hybrid models that still maintain persistence through links to an online PHP enabled website and database (MySQL). This allows the seamless transition of server states between users and reduces the need to have a dedicated master simulation server running at all times. Synchronization of data and persistent activities with the master server database allows for real time analysis of activities. Data gathering and the simulation activity are abstracted from each other and data is available at all times.
  • Web Standard Connectivity – Simple and easy to modify website (PHP) source code and database tables allow an advanced user to create the reporting structure in whatever form or format required. Creating new unique characteristics for game objects, systems, functions and inventories is straightforward, and allows for competitive or comparative success/failure models and track important behaviors.
  • “Realistic” Commercial 3D Game Engine – Colony ETS is based  on a fully featured 3D game engine and leverages mature tools and middle-ware. HyperKat has significantly modified this engine to enable the features described above, as well as adding in the complex ecosystems and functionality required for a simulation. Artwork can be developed to your specifications, making the user interface and graphics meet your unique vision.
  • DIY or Contracted Development: Colony ETS can be any simulation you require. The current genesis is focused on space and planetary exploration, but this can be modified to suite your needs, either through in house development or through contract with HyperKat. HyperKat has already successfully released the VIROS Rover Simulation in a specific manner to facilitate use in a space camp, leveraging a specialized scripting/programming system for the rover.

The goal of Colony ETS has been to put a user’s foot down onto a planet and experience a realistic concept of the challenges of space colonization. Immersive 3D graphics and detailed environments allows for a first person view of the planet, and breath taking vistas reinforce the “alien” nature all around. Simplified interactivity, mouse clicks and key presses activate the various systems, and allow for interaction to analyze and process resource samples, repair and maintain life support systems, grow food and medicine and produce power.

Planning is a key element of success. A variety of scenario options allows a user to select a prospective site, and determine what modules would be best suited. Limited weight and power require hard choices and trade-offs. Returning to a site after a successful analysis requires decisions on different landing areas (-close to a resource area? -far from a known hazard?) and the skills to convert and utilize multiple landing vehicles and equipment.
Persistent information is stored and updated to an online database, that can allow users to track their progress and acheivements with any basic internet connection.

Colony ETS is available for review by contacting Howard Dortch at HyperKat Games.

4 thoughts on “Colony ETS – the simulation engine

  1. Wilson

    This is a very intriguing simulation! I haven’t purchased your Frontier yet, but I would like to, if it will run on my system.

    I have an AMD quad core CPU (3.20 gigahertz AMD Phenom II X4 955), 8GB of RAM and SSD, so it’s a fast-enough system, I think. My video card is an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200 Display adapter. DXDIAG says I’m running DX11 and everything’s working.

    Two questions:
    1. Do you think my system will run your game?
    2. Is Steam the only way to play this game?

    I would prefer to purchase a stand-alone version, rather than log onto steam to play.

    All good wishes!

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