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Coming from 10 years of experience dealing with software adoption of semiconductor technology, primarily for consumer software applications, Kraniel also draws on a past in high-end imaging, fine art and graphic design. From a child, Kraniel spent a great deal of time buried in both Sci-Fi and Swords & Sorcery books and comics, with a primary love for Tolkien, CS Lewis, Asimov, Pratchett and Stephenson. History, both traditional and “revisionist” are also great passions, particulary around the US Revolutionary War and Civil Wars, which dramatically changed the world landscape.

The stories provided on this site are intended to put a human character and point of view into space and planetary¬†exploration. Sources include extensive reading and historical events both of Nasa’s and USSR excursions into space, architectural theory on community and many of the more “real” movies and books that are available. Of particular note, the dynamics and writing of Sci-Fi’s BattleStar Galactica and the late Firefly series have dramatically influenced the realism we hope to see in a Space Colonization simulation.¬†Both Howard’s and my hats off to an incredible team of writers, producers and actors to deliver such a compelling and entertaining view of the future. Another kudos to TLC’s “Dirty Jobs” – which continues to illustrate the passionately motivated people that take care of the filthy nasty things that keep our society clean and healthy. Oh, and I believe that mining on a planet will be the ultimate “Dirty Job”!

It is my belief that the cost of fertile colonization will be paid both by private corporate dollars and in a large number of brave souls. Recent presentations on cable have touted that technology will be capable of moon colonization by 2015, and that within 20 years or sooner, we will be leveraging that offworld facility to spring board into manned exploration of Mars and other planets. Advances in portable electronics, communications, propulsion and navigation, as well as education and learning techniques are necessary.

The Colony simulation hopes to cover both the prospectus and challenges of choosing an appropriate planet and surviving, but also the elements that can create sustainable long term colonization. While part game, the hope is to also illustrate the difficult struggles of juggling and balancing activities that return a “profit” while also sustaining and maintaining life.

Man is extremely fragile as a single unit. It will require community and family units to sustain and prosper life on other planets. Working through those systems will cost both capital and lives. After several thousand attempts at creating a viable electric light bulb, Edison claimed that he had found several thousand ways to NOT make a light bulb. Ultimately he succeeded. It is this same paradigm that will drive humans off Earth successfully to populate the solar system.

Why the anonymity? It is a burden too large for a small company and too difficult to jump between writing inventory routines and programming environmental systems and painting a creative vision. I have no economic ties to HyperKat, but also have deep connections with many friends in the technology world Рboth in gaming and entertainment. Those that recognize Kraniel will recognize me. Otherwise I wish to continue to remain anon and allow people to judge the vision and creativity for themselves. Howard has given me permission to write and craft the vision of space colonization for this site, though implementation in a limited 3D engine may not return the vision. 

All of the storyline elements are tagged with “Story” making it easier to filter out other discussions. All feedback and comments are welcome!

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  2. Daisy

    Oh, when will this be complete? I have spent hours of my life trying to find a realistic space colonization game! Every game I have found seems to be shooter style games. I am looking something that focuses on the actual work of the people. I will be first in line to by this when it comes out!

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