Scudbuster Equipment
Here is a description of the Launchers you will have in the game.
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SS-9 Launcher. Tractor crawler platform. Warheads are Standar Tip or SBX "Specials. The SBX is also known as "The Shotgun". Before impact this warhead releases a group of bomblets scatter around the target. Features fast reload times and presents a small target profile.
SS-23 Launcher. Trailer based system. Warheads are Standard Tip or TBX "Specials". The TBX is also known as "The Trencher" since it lays a pattern of bomblets in a line up to the target. Features medium reload times and higher damage rateing.
GV - 19 Launcher. HEMTT mounted system. Warheads are Standard Tip or MAB "Specials". The MAB is also known as "The Massive Air Burst" Tip. The MAB delivers a devastating area effect detonation that can take out multiple units. The launcher is heavily armored and has a large warhead delivery capability.