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Title: This Board
Post by: Hyper on May 17, 2010, 11:44:30 AM
This is a public information board to let you know what we do here.

There are 2 software products being developed.
Mars Colony:Challenger > The game is directed towards people that want to have a Mars exploration experience either solo or with up to 4 players total. There are 6 missions the players have to complete in order to establish a base of operations for possible colonization of the area.

Mars Colony Online > A Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game/Simulator, developed from previous incarnations of the Mars Colony Simulator. This version will allow groups of players to start a colony, living and working together to ensure their colony's survival. In this version, we've included a dedicated server that can keep this colony online 24/7. We are currently experimenting with how many users we can have active, and so far it looks like as many as 64 players can be in-game simultaneously. With so many educational (and fun!!) aspects to this method of activity, we hope to explore all the possibilities.

Both versions employ a first/third person graphics style which puts you directly into the action.

If you wish to get in on the action and test the products or just read up on what we are doing join the board and become a member of the colony.

If you wish to register please try to use a valid email I will reject names and emails like argdfvm@nowhere or sexxx@hotchicks. We dont accept email from *.info sites either. If you have issues send me a mail and I will get you in. This board is for serious Mars enthusiasts and is family oriented.

If you register and do not log on within 2 months your account will be deleted. If you have not logged on within one year your account will be deleted.