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First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.42
« Last post by Kugluck on February 29, 2020, 09:36:14 AM »
Testing at last.

Some of small issues:
Very low downloading speed of demo archieve (180 mb in 3 hours).
This is probably not the site, I download it here in a couple min.
I mean, before it was fast everytime.

Still here: every work order in Mission console is actived from start, include Dirty PV panels, when they clean.
Farm equipment status already on console at first mission.
When you say Mission console do you mean the computer? Did you do a reset of game?
Will look at the other issues.

The computer was showing farm separator at start, fixed in 0.43  The work order window in computer title was changed to work order descriptions. The work orders that appear on the right side is the current orders.
Reseted, start anew. App files somewhere is not cleaned, yes.
Mission computer.

Some of surface soil samples marked as core samples (violet at 4;-4 with 0.00 % of elements).
But core sample from -16;-44 drill site (my first water well) isn't marked on map.
Core mark at -20;-44 is appeared normally.
After reload all is okay.

Not small issue:
External temperature is reversed (Phobos up -20, +8, Sun up -39).
Fixed 0.43

Repeatable jumping on the walk saving stamina by relaxing in the air.
But we are not on the Moon for such walk style...
Also, Alt+Space (dropdown menu in window mode) on the run-jumping will turn on autowalk with autojumping. Very convenience.
Fixed 0.43

Just suggestions:
Want to store algae food bars at food storage.
To drink water from inventory when potable water tank window is opened.
To open dropdown menu of inventory items by short left click (drag by long click).
To see message about game is saved succesfully.
To zoom map (at least, scale to fullscreen view).
What screen resolution are you using?
Window mode... 1280x720.

Raise food, water and oxygen consumption with low stamina status or by jumping.
Reduce growth rate of algae. Too much easy food.
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.42
« Last post by Gregorius Magnus on February 25, 2020, 03:25:35 AM »
i have it (0.42 playable demo) and im plaing. i prefere this, it is more similar to challenger than frontier (i have the two games in my steam library) and prefere this way. In frontier there is less player freedom.
the game mechanics are realistic and "tecnical"...i like that.
I wanted this first demo game to be part of Challenger and that is what I ponder now. After you establish this colony then you proceed to make the hab and units that appear in challenger and have it 2 player.
just a question why u dont give the possibilty to store somewere the food made by algae (first pod food product)?
Yes I can do that. The first algae unit was a scientific test to see if it was possible to grow algae. Wasn't intended to be a food source after you establish a farm to grow real food. Algae would be important scientifically for plastics, meds etc so I didn't spend much time on the food angle
and second….only 4 slots for the rover is a bit...low capable. maybe will be better to put a weight llimit or cubic meter limit than a slot limit. but i don t know if it is tecnically possible.
Yes I can add 100 slots in there, kept it to 4 to force user to make decisions helps gamify the action. If you can carry everything in the rover there would be no need to worry about fuel, damage, player eva ... One long trip around the zone and the rover would have minimal use.
i play a lot of space colonization games...stationeers...kerbal….Osiris new dow...planet base...astroneer...take on mars.. BUT your game serie have one of the best realistic if u continue to develop it… (maybe some little grapic impruvement…just a bit) it will be really one of the best games that people loving colonization, will find on steam!
i hope u could understand what i wrote...and sorry for my poor english.
I apply effort for this game equal to people interested in playing it. Do you think people that play these other games would come here and try this one? I have about 10 loyal players and this is a major time sink for me to code. Can you get others to come have a look?
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.42
« Last post by Gregorius Magnus on February 19, 2020, 12:57:31 PM »
tks to admit me on the forum! i love your 3 colony games. Sorry for my poor english.

Glad to have you join! Have you got the Mars One alpha yet ?
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.42
« Last post by Kugluck on February 17, 2020, 05:34:58 AM »
What about some multiplay cooperative testing this time?
But I'm quite far away from USA, and have free time around 01 to 03 AM and 00 to 05 PM at EST.

I will be working on this in due time. I want to integrate this code with Mars Challenger which does have the code for multiplayer. Problem is 2 different engines with 2 different types of art... one mess at a time.

Uh, I dud mismath with old alpha with such option this time.
First manned mission to Mars / Release 0.42
« Last post by Hyper on February 10, 2020, 10:28:05 AM »

Changes to main computer info line up numbers to match objects
Update to drill power buttons
Changed separator actions
Balance values for various objects and events.

Been chasing a crash bug, will post update when it gets more stable
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.41
« Last post by LostMartian on January 22, 2020, 12:39:02 PM »
Pardon my absence. I've been feeling a little bit burnt out. If you have something that needs testing, I'll give it a look. Otherwise, I'll be happy to take some time off.

As for features. I don't think we really need the ability to sit down on a chair or lie down on a bed. I wouldn't miss them if you decide to remove them. I think its enough that they are there. Make the place look like you can actually live there on Mars. The players probably don't want it to be too realistic and spend 10 or 20 minutes sleeping, doing nothing.

I'm having second thoughts about the toilet. In other versions of the game (Challenger and Frontier), human waste is used to make fertilizer. I would like to have features be consistent between the different versions. So I'm thinking that maybe there needs to be some way to bring the waste from to the farm module so it could be used as an ingredient in making fertilizer.

As for plastic, maybe you should mix algae with plant waste instead of an unprocessed plant. Make plant waste to be a thing you can remove from the farm module so you could bring it over to the fabrication module and make plastic with it.
I understand burnout and time off. I have been a bit sick lately myself.
Not sure the toilet would serve much purpose. Remember this game in the story line is first contact scenario. We don't plan on being there long. The whole purpose is:
1 find water
2 prove you can grow food
3 extract in minerals refine them and have the ability to manufacture at least repair parts.
Once this is proven, then Frontier is viable and at that point we would bring more capability.
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.41
« Last post by AC_Black on January 15, 2020, 08:07:13 PM »
CTD 41
This log shows it crashed setting the tooltip for the object. I put a echo trap in there for next round. That tooltip function is called alot without fail so something to do with a plant, seed, fert must be the issue.

Had just put in .25 water in plant bed, was about to put in fertilizer when I crashed.  First time I crashed on this bed..
Had you finished a complete cycle at this point? 18 plants, grown, harvested then second round this happened?

Sorry got a cold and not in the mod to play...   I have just finished the first round of growing and starting the second round of growing.  Have 6 planters ready to pick.  Age starting at 249.
is the end of this log file where it crashed ? I assume it was, shows nothing out of place.

Have 3 planters (left all Zuccini)  (right Tomato, beans, potato).  Starting with front left can pick all Zuccini then (rear planter) potato, beans.
I replant as I go, pick, process, take 1 fert, water, 3 seeds, plant then pick the next planter.
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.41
« Last post by AC_Black on January 15, 2020, 04:41:22 PM »
I can do the same with the water seperator.

I have a graphic bug,  there are 2 black lines around the char, both are squared, first one is about 10m's around the char the next is a bout 30m's.   When I walk around they move with me.   Quessing they are the char activation bars for the vortex as the ground graphics improve. Also weather, rads are at .02 rads, .80 pressure steady, no winds at all.    temp is working 034 to -27.   But no change in rads or atmos pressure.  This is external only, internal is steady .01 rads + 12 pressure

Seats up stairs.  There are two chairs upstairs, if you sit in the chair facing the elevator, then stand up you will fall through the floor and lose health lol.  If you sit in the seat facing the bed, (sitting and stand from bed is working fine.), you will be sitting in the seat facing the elevator every time, never facing the bed.   You can also stand up and not fall through the floor as long as you sit in the seat facing the bed.    But sit in the seat facing the elevator, then stand up you will fall through the floor every time.   Starting chapter 2

Seats upstairs in the farm hab

seat looking at food and water dispenser you cannot get out of, no message on screen (Done resting).  Must leave game to get out of seat.  Also you also get cold damage while sitting in this seat.   Same as hab if you click on the seat facing the bed you still end up back in the seat facing the food water dispensers.

The only purpose for the seat was for landing effect. They were not intended to be used again since it served no purpose. So I either make them a one shot meaning once you stand up they can't be interacted with or I take the time to make them usable. What do you guys think ?
Depending on your time, I would keep them and use the seats.   For now put them as 1 time use.    Thinking they could be used for accessing the onboard PC to check on what to do.  I sit while waiting for the Rads to go down, for now I use the bed.
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.41
« Last post by LostMartian on January 15, 2020, 02:07:29 PM »
I'm still having some problems with the water separators.

If I load the game up, then try to fill a separator with water too quickly, it'll replace the amount of water instead of increasing it. It seems to need time to load the correct numbers for how much water, oxygen, and hydrogen it has. So if you act too quickly, adding water will be adding water to a value of 0 instead of the amount it actually has. If you wait for the separator to load its number, then it'll add the water correctly. This doesn't appear to be related to how long you've been in the game. It seems to be dependent on how long you have had the separator menu open.

Strange. When I do this bug, it fills the tank to 5.20 instead of 5.00.

The slider has a slight bug. If you watch the separator fill the water tank, it'll fill the tank, the slider will move, but won't change the slider value. So if it was at 0.50, it'll continue to say 0.50. However, if you exit the separator menu and then open it again, it'll say 0.00.

Should be fixed in 0.42
First manned mission to Mars / Re: Release 0.40
« Last post by LostMartian on January 10, 2020, 08:34:15 PM »
The separator for the hab module appears to handle water filtering correctly now. The slider works and no water mysteriously disappears when the tank is filled to the max. Unfortunately, when the tank is full and the slider returns to zero, it still shows the number the filter was on before. So if it was at 0.5, the slider will be moved to 0, but it'll still say 0.5.

The separator for the farm module doesn't appear to have changed at all. The water slider gives wrong numbers for filter rates of 0.1 to 0.4 (such as 0.07 when it should have done 0.10). Filling the tank up to full still results in lost water. Its like the 2 separators don't share code at all.
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