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Main module layout proposal - Idea
« on: October 03, 2010, 11:43:34 PM »

Main module layout proposal
(little changes proposed to the project)

After testing many hours of MCO I made some notes about the main module layout. I compared those notes to the oryginal NASA/ESA mars base airlock area design.

As you can see - the main module was splitted into little segments. Those segments are: Airlock room, EVA-Prep. room, Small Storage room, Medical room and other custom rooms that I didn't wanted to include now.
Those "Segments" aren't new design. They egzists now in MCO....just look --->
I figure-out that they ware made exactly for that purpose.

Now....The airlock and the EVA-prep room combined together has 3 doors. That of course gives additional safety in case of double door opening.
Morover - if someone forgot to close one door, it is still possible to enter without depreasurizing the room.

I added the "Dust gun" in this scheme. Astronauts after a day outside carry a large ammount of toxic-dust on they'r EVA. Before entering, they would need to clean they'r suit up.
If not - the entire zone would be contaminated, and everyone entering this room without EVA for the next in-game hour would get sick. (This is real life problem!)

Bench - as you see, there is a small bench in the Eva-Prep room. Why adding it? Becouse astronauts in real life need it to suit-up. I don't insist it should be used at some point ( would be fun to just sit there at least for the fun of it :P) but I think that such a thing for the sake of reality should be there. Just look at this! --->

Behind the bench there is a glass wall. Why glass? Notice that the connected room that has view to it is an medical area. The idea is that in real life someone would prepare for EVA, he would need to be monitored by base medical staff. If something is wrong - he would be the first one to notice that and react. Example -->

The red rectangles represent EVA-recharge ports. They are also inside the, so that you may refuel/recharge if the suit need's it.

On the other side of the bench and glass wall, we have EVA-locker. Note that by putting eva-recharge port on the other side of eva-locker we gain additional ergonomical space.

The medical room has everything needed for first-aid in case of an emergency. What kind? Casual Low on health, radiation poisoning, dust-storm coldnes, food-sicknes, cold, low on stamina and other - future - emergencies. Medical room is also isolated by simple door.

The small storage-area is not something new. Remember the demo? There was a plate on the ground where 4 items had they'r place. I propose, better ergonomically solution - shelf. There are a lot of equipement in MCO, that simply lies on the martian ground outside. This is not good - no one in the real life would simply left something like that unatended. Morover - it can be lost over time. Not only that - every equipement should be doubled in an emergency - where to hold that stuff? Futhermore - no one said that in the future MCO, producing item's won't be possible. That additional items also needs to be stored. Why not make an small area that stores them where they are needed the most - near the exit? Item's like methane/oxygen/hydrogen-canister, water can, PG, GPR, etc. could be stored on a shelf like they are in the Rover now.
There could also be a sample-container like that one from ERV in demo. It could hold rock and ground samples for futher analysis, or just simply - for storing it for sell, later on.

Custom area could be equiped with (for instance) toilete, computers, eva-repair station, kitchen, science equipement (like LIBS), etc.. Whatever is needed in the game.

I strongly advise to see this site to see what I mean:

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Re: Main module layout proposal - Idea
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2010, 05:17:43 PM »
Some of the ideas can be implemented or are in the works now. I havent been adding alot of detail because of trying to get the mechanics working. I can move things around as wanted or needed but I must get them working first.
The dust in the airlock has been looked into by others. Seems the charge on the particles on mars are the key. Using a different or same charge in the airlock and just suck the dirt out seems easiest. Air hoses would lend a extra layer of complexity I dont think would work well. Remember this still has to be playable so I how far is too far is the magic here.
The med room shouldn't be needed since the suit should monitor the user somewhat. When I add some of that code in it will be easier to see. I like the prep room for EVa, might move the lockers there and the charge panels, good idea....