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Pouch for EVA-suit - Idea
« on: October 28, 2010, 08:04:20 PM »

Pouch for EVA-suit
( It can carry additional equipement necesary for the specialized task/mission )

Player can carry 4 items in his belt and 1 big equipement stuff in his left hand.
The right hand is free, and is used for operating stuff, opening doors, etc..
As you can see on the first photo, I use it to salute.
What I propose is to add a pouch on EVA-suit where I drew the red elipse.
It can be easily accesible by the right hand, at any time - even in EVA-gear and when holding something in the left arm.
I propose that player would be able to insert into this right pouch specific equipement that will help him with the task he has next.
In other words - astronaut would carry 4 small items on his belt, one in his left hand and one inside his right pouch...and still has the right arm free!  

UFO:EXTRATERRESTRIALS (and previous series too) was having a similar idea. Player equiped his avatars individualy, with what they need, and what thay are good with.

NASA's EVA-suit, has a tool-pouch. There is also a toolbox, but it has diferent equipement inside.

What equipement would you be able to put inside, the EVA-Pouch?
I made a little list with description:

1) Suit Waist Tether - used by astronauts. They connect each other, with it, so that they won't fly away or fall of when gravity is involved. On Mars it will be used, to prevent astronauts falling of from narrow clifs.
2) SARSAT Beacon - when you need help, or just want to marker a spot on the map, that will be seen even when you'r out of comm-range, just activate the SARSAT Beacon. You can carry it in your pouch, so that it will marker your position on the map, for every on to see, or place it on the ground, and mark a cave entrance, unusuall rock, thermal-vent, injured astronaut, etc.. You can deactivate it later, for futher use.
3) Emergency Water container ( 2 liter/person) ---> Sometimes carried by astronauts.
4) Glow stick's - Those small sticks contains chemical compounds that when released, will glow very bright light for several hours. They are used in cave-expeditions, or somewhere where using portable lights isn't a good option. On mars using them in cave-explorations is a good idea, since there won't be enought portable lights to marker your way outside. Standard pouch-size pack contains about 14 glow sticks (not sure about that).
5) Flares - a box of flares (about 20 - correct me if I'am wrong). You can use them outside to make a short, very bright light-source that will light-up the entire terrain. You can use it  to find obstacles when driving a rover at night (it would be a darn shame, if you feld down from a 200 m cliff...woulnd't it? :-)). You can also use it to report your location, when you'r out of comm range, making augar drills or ground sampling, or when you just want to concentrete all players attention for a moment.
6) EVA First Aid Kit - when an astronaut get's injured while doing EVA, but doesn't die, he will need immidiet attention on the place (he can't wait to be transported if he's dying now). EVA First Aid Kit, is equiped with a defib. unit that can be used threw the suit, standard medicine that can be injected threw a special suit port, parts and spray-epoxy that can be used to stop oxygen leak, split for safe transportation of the injured astronauts, diagnostic and some other items...
Lunar pioneers will encounter hazards and crises requiring new emergency procedures. Here, an antenna installer fell over a 90-foot escarpment and fractured his right femur. Responding to this situation on a medivac hopper, two other lunar base crew members employ a portable CAT-scan device, a holographic display, and helmet-mounted heads-up displays to determine the severity of the injury. After an inflatable Thompson splint is placed on his leg, the semiconscious technician is transported back to the base strapped onto the side of the hopper. This image produced for NASA by Pat Rawlings
7) Medical Kit - used inside ISS, or while doying EVA on the moon...and soon mars. Medical kit, can't aid like first aid kit, but It can cure smaller deseases, food poisoning, cut's, cure lung's problems (too much CO2, to few O2, too much dust, etc.) and much more. It can be used wherever it's taken, if the EVA-gear is taken off. The downside is that it can cure only smaller medical-problems. Greater ones like - critical wounds, bleeding, broken limbs, big desease, can be only cured at medical bay. The good side is, that 90% of medical problem's are the small ones. You can check proposed medical kit composition here:
8 ) Rock sampling kit - it has the basic equipement that enables you to take samples of rock. In comparison to ground and core samples, rock samples need's tools. Regolith (ground) samples can be taken even by hand and core samples are cut using specialistic equipement inside the drill. Rock samples on the other hand aren't easy to be just picked-up with hands, and can even cut-open EVA-suit. That's why astronauts use tools like hammers and chisels, hand drills, samping tube, scratching and powdering tools.
9) Ratchet Wrench and Power Tool - the last one's on the list, are an equipement that is used by astronauts from the ISS on they'r EVA-pouch. They are used for many things, but mainly, to repair equipement, or to acces the equipement. Ratchet Wrench picture: Power Tool picture - You can reed about them here:

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