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Heat recuperator - Idea
« on: May 04, 2011, 06:51:33 PM »
Her's an idea for a new part or equipement: Heat recuperator.
Heat recuperator is NOT needed for the equipement to work, but it makes the equipement more efficient (even up to 6 times!).
Heat recuperator is used in engines, generators, reactors and mainly - in air ventilation.
The basic idea is that a Heat recuperator will re-use some of the heat that would normally be lost. That's why it's more and more often used in houses: peeple need fresh air from outside, but that fresh air is cold...on the other hand - air inside the house is hot but it's not fresh. Heat recuperator transfers the heat, and gives us fresh-hot air.
If by any chance Heat recuperator would be broken, it wouldn't be critical, but it would make the base to use even up-to 10 times more power to heat to the same temperature.

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