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Player Server Setup
« on: February 11, 2012, 06:27:32 PM »
To create a MCCS internet game server behind a router you must set up the router ports. To access your router launch a web browser and go to (or your router's configuration address) and you should get a login and password dialog. Note that we are using a LinksysŪ router for example. If you haven't changed the passwords you can usually get in by leaving the login blank and set  admin as the password. Go to the tab Application & Gaming and set up ports 28000 28002 for both UDP and TCP. Notice the IP Address has 192.168.1. [100] you will have to check your computer's network card to get the value for your system.You can check this by opening a command line prompt and typing in "ipconfig". Use this ip address as the port forward target.
Now get your public IP address using IPChicken or some other program and give that to other players.

One person "Start" a game. If others have your IP address they can "Join" by IP and hook up to your server. Joining players will be held in a security room till the Commander (server player) allows them in the game. When you start a game, Windows will usually ask you to set permissions for incomming connections to that port.


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