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For now we have 3 play modes. This description is for the competition mode but works as well for a general gameplay.
You will need credits to survive and thrive so this is a path to success.

You will spawn out front of the Main Base.
Go inside and make the first right to the Command Center. Talk to Ben and collect your 5000 credit payment.
At this point you can explore the base check out the NPC's and see what they have to offer.
Leave the base and see the NPC by the garage. Buy a Rover.
Use the M key or open the main map and "update" to so you can see where there is an open base you can claim.
Drive out and claim the base. The claim dialog will only trigger when you are within the build area.
The first module to place will be a Power module since the rest of the base depends on power.
Second build a Life Support module.
Go inside and fire up the generator, set the heater, turn on the pumps 0.37 is good.
Turn the separator on and set the water output to 0.1
Activate the Scrubber and you are all set.
Since it will take some time to build pressure in the base, go back to the Main base and buy some mine equipment.
Get a GPR, Extra GPR Shots, Core Drill and a couple of Ore Augers.
Go back to the area around your base and start locating ores with the GPR
Take core samples and drop the Augers.
Return to the Main Base and test your core samples ( you get credits for ore discovery )
Buy a couple ore boxes and head back to your base.
Check your life support gear to make sure things are running.
Go use the GPR on new areas, take core samples.
Before you head back to the Main Base to test the samples, empty the Augers into the ore boxes
At the Main Base, test the cores, sell the ores. Now you are making money

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Re: Gameplay
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Making money with Biology

The first step is to add a Biology Hub. I usually put this in after the kitchen but anytime you can afford it will work.
The Biology hub will supply you with the ability to grow and harvest Fish.
Add a Fish Module, it comes with 2 grow tanks.
In the Biology Hub you will find a supply fish eggs and fish food.
Take one of each for each grow tank and add them to the tanks.
You will have 5 fish and enough food for them to survive.
Once the fish reach a growth level of 40 you can harvest and process them.
They will supply food and eggs for the next grow cycle.
If you let them grow to 60 you will get 2 eggs per fish which you can sell as well as the excess food.
Warning ... if the fish run out of food they will start eating each other so keep an eye on them.

The Biology Module
This module allows you to grow worms, mushrooms and 2 of 4 types of algae.
I find the best type of algae to start is plastics and fertilizer.
The plastic algae type you can use later on to make plastic for Engineering parts or just sell it.
With the fertilizer type you can make fertilizers for plants later on or nutrients for your algae tanks.
The Algae Tanks have a "Contract" button you can click most any time.
The "Contract" button allows the Main Base to buy your excess algae.
You make 5 credits per harvest but it happens quite often and will provide a steady income for you.
Add in a second Biology Module to get 2 more tanks and therefor more cash.
The Worm Beds and the Mushroom Beds will provide you with food and excess can be sold off to the Main base.
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Re: Gameplay
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Is there any way to affect/optimize the plant growth?
What kind of effect has temperature variations?
Is there any optimal levels of water and fertilizer/nutrients, or is the optimal level equal within the whole target range?

What I mean is:
Is it possible to further optimize growth by keeping eg. potato fertilizer/water levels close to the center of the target range?
Is there any preferred temperatures for each crop/bio product?


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Re: Gameplay
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Temperature above 10 will make things work better. Keep water and fert above 0.25