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hey hyper , ive send you a personal message some days ago would you mind responding to it? would be nice , thanks


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Yay, more bugs!
[end sarcasm]
Making GPR Shots at the Fabrication table creates a useless item. It has an icon like 7 shotgun shells, but cannot be loaded into the GPR. Stuff it in fab storage.
So, along with PKR Fertilizer, that makes two item recipes at the Fab table that produce an unusable item.

Loading unprocessed plants or fish into the tote/supply box breaks them. After removing them and putting them back in inventory, they cannot be processed.

My Engineering skill seems frozen at 4, it won't go any higher. Fixing the rover and making stuff at the fab bench seem to have no more effect on improving the Engineering skill.
Scratch that, it took a while, but the little experience bar is starting to go up again.

Almost forgot. Jumping up on the solar panel base suddenly puts you in an area with inside pressure/radiation/temp.

Edit 2:
This is odd.
I harvested two pools of frogs earlier. I just saw I have only 4 frog legs. I am up to 13 frog eggs from 5 I had previously, so 2 used and 10 frog eggs harvested are accouned. Checked both supply boxes I have, neither have the frog legs. Kind of baffled right now. I did save and quit not long after the harvest, and I noticed it took longer than normal to save (I was worried it froze up while saving), so I wonder if something happened during the save.
Edit 2B:
One extra detail about the above issue. I had been using the tote/supply box. I grabbed frogs, processed them, stuck the meat in the supply box, grabbed the second batch of frogs, processed them, put them in the tote, then moved to the kitchen module to remove the frog legs from the tote into inventory, and move them to the fridge.
I also had a bug where I could not put the tote/supply box down anywhere in the base. Not even in the middle of empty hubs. However the moment I was outside, or in an airlock, I could put them down normally. After a while (and having one loaded into a rover) the issue disappeared on its own.

Edit 3
Bug from MC:C of taking damage while moving between modules apparently exists in MC:F.
I just had it happen, screen flashed red a moment while moving from farm hub to fish tank room. Rushed to medical bed, everything is normal, so it is not from illness that just happened to pop up. Health quickly healed up after it happened.
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