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Mars Colony Frontier Storyline
« on: October 24, 2015, 01:07:59 PM »
Twelve mega corporations were assigned build sites on Mars. Named after the Greek Olypians, these sites were the home for many adventurers who wanted to stake a claim on the new Frontier. Work and explore uncharted lands as you climb the corporate ladder to become master of the colony.
The colonies have been designated for each corporation named:
Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon and  Zeus. The success of each colony depends on trade and interaction between all of the bases.

Transport ships were built to fly from Earth orbit to Mars orbit to move personnel and supplies. The first of the transports, Daedalus was also used as a construction platform to build the second transport named Icarus and the two space stations at Mars.

The main station at Mars is the Mars Orbital Research And Construction MORAC aka Archimedes. The main use for the MORAC station is to receive materials from Mars for construction of the Mars Transport and storage MTAS station aka Olympus. MTAS, when completed will be used to transfer goods and personnel from the two transports to MORAC or Mars surface. 

Shuttles from Mars surface, named Rapter, Vulture, Condor and Eagle are the RTOV shuttles that bring materials up from Mars and transport supplies and personnel back to the surface.

Update on the Mars colony bases. A steady stream of personnel and supplies are being sent to the colony. Major corporations from Earth have supported this effort by investing in a future of scientific and economic development and expansion. This has been a major success story for all mankind.
Media headlines from all over the Earth expounding on the success of our missions to Mars came to an abrupt halt after the crash of the global economy and the wars as a result of shortages of food and fuel. Mars missions have to be put on hold for political and economic reasons. The Icarus, on it’s maiden voyage  to the red planet would be the last source of supply and personnel sent for the foreseeable future. The bases on Mars are going to have to survive on their own until the situation on Earth could be resolved.

MNN (Mars News Network) headline - CRISIS BACK HOME!
The global economy back on Earth falls even further into ruin resulting from the ever so growing problem of supply distribution, and no clear solution for an end stands within sight. Stocks in banks and companies fell to record lows pushing even the richest and developed of nations and territories into disarray. Civil unrest runs rampant in parts all over the planet as populations demand reform. Aggressive protests in addition to riot demonstrations within the streets of capitals arise throughout the planet. In response, many governments have declared states of marshal law in efforts to calm situations. Economists and sociologists say the global condition of Earth is actually worse than what it was back during the Great Depression of the 20th century as the problems of that time are not only enhanced, but added to with the growing threat of pollution, cyber terrorism, and hyper – population. Global treaties and agreements are on the verge of collapse as world leaders fail to reach a joint compromise on how exactly the world’s problems should be approached and tackled. A U.N. meeting in Aurion later this week will hopefully bring light to what the globe’s politicians plan to do in order to restore the current state of the world.

 MNN (Mars News Network) headline - MARS IS LEFT BEHIND!
The recent turmoil back on Earth seems to have reached its peak now that the peace meeting yesterday in Aurion allowed for the U.N. leaders to make what is being dubbed “the decision of the century”. The announcement came yesterday evening that U.N. leaders are going to “ease the burden of Earth’s people” according to North American President Benita Cortez. The U.N. have come to an agreement to collaborate on a five year plan to aid the economic and social status of the Earth. This new plan, dubbed Project Hope, consists of world budget cuts, a series of short term stimuli, and building up the workforce in lower tier nations. But there also exists a controversial part of the plan that will leave the colonials in Mars in the dark. To clarify, U.N. leaders have voted to cut support missions to Mars including those of fuel, food and water, construction equipment, and of course manned support missions. Representatives claim that the Mars program is “too fiscally steep for us to continue while the problems of the homeland are dragging us into collapse.” The Nigerian ambassador speaks of “a fast acting solution to a great deal of the world’s problems. Problems such as the growing Waspa disease outbreak in Europe, the food shortages in the Australian Federation, not even to mention the world’s economic standpoints. We must focus on the problems at hand here on Earth first, then we can worry about the colonials.” The last Mars mission has been sent on the Icarus, its cargo undisclosed.
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