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Version 1.016
« on: December 04, 2015, 06:49:24 AM »
This version will have the framework for the story line and a few updates and or bug fixes. In test now and should be released on Steam within the week.

Boyd Adams buys mushrooms
Algae starters can be sold
Auto sell on algae will only work if level greater than 1
Money exploit trying to sell items
NPC trader inventories only update when exchange is made
The biowaste container is not selectable
Events cycle properly now
Added new mission Algae repair
Modified gamble machine better payout and graphic
Random things will break and notify client
Local comm fail when someone takes mission
Hand item, player in rover, log out no longer fails
MT button keeps track of total mission time
sound for rock crusher
meteor graphics
tooltips added
no long er get sick with eva on
rover fuel meters blinks on low value

First story has been added
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