Author Topic: Fish Tanks & Farm Fields, a Points Victory Strategy (?)  (Read 2306 times)

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Fish Tanks & Farm Fields, a Points Victory Strategy (?)
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:17:02 PM »
At the production rate of 5 fish fillets, 10 eggs, and 7.5 Fish Food per age-60+ cycle of a tank (at an average of about 25 bank credit per item), fish and by-product production can generate a significant amount of cash (grosses ~ 560 per tank per cycle).  And only 1 egg and 1 fish food per tank is needed to "seed" the next cycle.  It takes a lot of clicks and drags to transfer items from production storage bins to personal inventory (pi) then from pi to tote; and at the main base, from tote to pi and then from pi to Buyer, but you can keep up with 6 Fish Modules (12 tanks), and have a little spare time to do other things.  Six Fish Modules net about 6000 per age-60+ cycle.

Tending and selling fish fits well with tending, say, 2 farms (4 fields).  For the first couple cycles, you can set all 4 fields to contract, thus using up the provided NPK fertilizer (this yields 3200 bank credits), but after that you need to dedicate one field to providing plants to the composter for fertilizer -- or make fertilizer from algae, and/or buy it -- but the former takes resources and time, and the latter has limited availability.

If you're lucky enough in the early game dead minutes to find a couple high-yield, high-price ores, setting a couple augers on them to contract gives good auxillary income. Algae tanks on contract help a bit too.  Neither of these take much on going player time -- and in later game it is all about player time.
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Re: Fish Tanks & Farm Fields, a Points Victory Strategy (?)
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I can keep adding easy buttons and you wont have to do anything.
Working on addressing the bugs in the game first, then I can move on to balance issues.