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Story line?
« on: December 10, 2019, 05:32:49 PM »
I am not too familiar with the Storyline of these 3 games but as far as I am aware this it goes something like this:

1: First manned landing occurs in 2080 as the Mars One game (or Mars Colony Online/Explorer Demo)
, following the Mars Direct plan made by Robert Zubrin and the Mars Society

2: Landing site becomes Base Ares?

3: Mars Colony Challenger occurs, Hyperia research center is constructed by one of twelve mega corporations in 2085?

4: Hyperia research center gets major upgrades/modification (pictures of early Mars Colony Frontier in Alpha phase when it still looks like Mars Colony challenger) then all the personnel and equipment get moved from the original Base to Hyperia research center. Hyperia research center then gets re named Base Ares while the old site is abandoned?

5: Mars Colony Frontier begins with player coming back to Mars to stake a claim in 2100, Mars gets cut off from Earth supplies while Earth solve its problems?

6: What next?

Your chronology is correct. What would you like to see? I have had a few suggestions but none that would be easy to do with the tech/time/money I have....
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Re: Story line?
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2019, 04:29:24 PM »
I understand you are busy with Mars One and Raiders at the moment, but when the time comes and these projects are complete, I would like to see Mars Colony Frontier finished.

There are a couple of bugs that make the game have major problems and unplayable. Luckily the player can work around these.

1. Upgrading base modules then exiting the game will cause them to move at random with in the build site making the base incomplete.
2. using the transport NPC to go to your base will cause a glitch that removes the atmosphere from the inside the base.

I understand you have a limited budget and time, but you posted on Facebook a while back that you wanted to update Mars Colony Challenger and Frontier to he new game engine with better graphics. For saving money, I would suggest updating only challenger, because the graphics are not as good as the new ones on Frontier and Mars One.

Thanks for clarifying the timeline.
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