Mars Colony:FRONTIER
Exciting new Mars game released on Steam.
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This is a first / third person role playing game set on Mars. The game features full sandbox gameplay with a player driven dynamic economy. Players can build their base in any sequence. You can run teams or solo and can run from a dedicated server.
We brought back elements from the original first man on Mars demo. This game takes place 10 to 20 years after that first landing. The science is done and the corporations have taken the reigns to commercialize the efforts. The game features a dynamic economy affected by resource levels. Players get Contracts to do business with Ares Base and have to maintain supply lines.
Update on the Mars colony. Ares base has been established. A steady stream of personnel and supplies are being sent to the colony. Major corporations from Earth have supported this effort by investing in a future of scientific and economic development. This has been a major success story for all mankind.
Media headlines from all over the Earth expounding on the success of our missions to Mars came to an abrupt halt after the crash of the global economy and the wars as a result of shortages of food and fuel. Mars missions have to be put on hold for political and economic reasons. The few ships that were already in orbit or on their way to the red planet would be the last source of supply and personnel sent for the foreseeable future. Ares Base was going to have to survive on its own until things on Earth could be resolved.